Play Keno Casino

Play Keno Casino

Keno is a really simple video game to play. Every Keno ticket is phoned number from 1 to 80. These numbers represent the phoned number rounds in the Keno dish where 20 numbers are arbitrarily chosen each video game. To play Keno, you note 1 to 20 numbers on an empty Keno ticket.

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Play Keno Casino, assign the quantity

After that, assign the quantity you want to bet, and also the variety of video games you desire to play, in the area showed on the ticket. Provide this ticket with your wager to a Keno author or jogger and also you will certainly obtain a computer system produced ticket in return. These are the numbers, as signed up in the computer system, whereupon all champions are paid.

At the starting of each, the chosen numbers will certainly be shown on Keno boards situated in the Keno lounge as well as dining establishments. Contrast the numbers on your ticket with the numbers shown on the GW99 Keno boards. If you have actually won, bring your ticket instantly to a Keno author or jogger. Along with routine tickets, a lot of gambling establishments supply several Keno specials consisting of:

Keno boards

If you play 1 to 20 video games, you have to accumulate quickly after the video games are run. You have one complete year to gather your jackpots if you play 21 video games or even more on Keno-to-Go tickets. Simply note your tickets, spend for the video games, and also call your casino for the outcomes.


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Keno resembles a lotto ticket yet the outcomes are published within a much shorter amount of time. Go on as well as select your fortunate numbers; today might be your fortunate day. Since you comprehend exactly how to play blackjack, you prepare to begin playing blackjack in a real-time online casino or online blackjack. Sign up with the numerous gamers that are currently playing blackjack and also you will certainly see why the video game is so preferred!

Online Keno

Although keno is one of the oldest and simplest games to play, it offers huge opportunities to win big. It is a casual game that can be played if you want a break from slots and table games. According to legend the game originated in ancient China by a warlord who needed to raise funds for his troops. Read our article Casino Games Online

The game was so successful that the funds raised from it were used to build the Great Wall of China. The game was similar to modern keno and was based on a popular poem titled “The Thousand Character Classic” that was written by Zhou Xingsi.

How to play online keno

Keno is a game of chance and it does not require a complicated strategy to win. This lottery-type game provides numbers from 1 to 80, arranged in 8 rows of 10 numbers each.

Once you have made sure you have enough funds in your account and selected the bet amount, click a number on the keno board to select it and hit Play. You can select up to fifteen numbers which become highlighted as you pick them. When the numbers are drawn at random and if your numbers are selected, you win – it’s as simple as that. Read our Casino Tips and Strategies article…

The payout is based on the percentage of matching numbers regardless of how many you have selected. For example if you select two numbers and match both of them, you stand a higher chance of winning a higher payout than if you picked 15 numbers and matched three of them.

Although the chance of matching all the 15 numbers you have picked does not happen very often, the good news is there’s still a chance you could walk away with $10,000 in keno winnings!

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